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PKGsummon is a GTK+-2.2 based utility designed for keeping up to date packages (.tgz) on a Linux Slackware system. Package names are gathered from FTP server and grouped in categories on a ordered tree, with different symbols and colours to allow fast version comparisons.

This tool is being written for some Slackware users (like me) who don't like to perform mass automatical update of their system, but prefer to review each package version/arch/build, so they can keep their system updated by installing only what they really need.
In fact, the main scope of PKGsummon won't be performing complete and automatic updates for Slackware; it may grow and eventually become able to, but only as an extra feature. Beside there are already some slack auto updater tool available, this software will be focused on fast package version review.

This software is released under the GNU General Public License v2.

Written by Giacomo Lozito aka city_hunter
<city_hunter at users dot sourceforge dot net>

15/04/2004 - Development of the new version is going fine (a lot of nice additions). In the meantime, since it has been requested by some people, I added a precompiled i686 package for version 0.6p1 (already patched with pkgsummon-0.6-pkgccfix.patch) in the files page.
01/04/2004 - Recently I've fixed a little problem that was experienced from some people, they were unable to close the window in pkg control center. I published a patch for this in files section. If you have the problem, get the solution :) I won't make a new release just for this minor issue, so patching the sources will be the way to go until I'm done working on the next release. It is very promising, I'm finally adding all things that have been planned in some time.
25/03/2004 - PKGsummon 0.6, the sixth stable release, is available for download. Lately I'm having very little time to work on PKGsummon so there is not much new (even if I'm planning a lot, hope to find more time). Anyway, since GTK+ and GLib 2.4.0 have been released recently, in this new release I ensured my program would work flawlessly with those new versions. More info in the changelog.
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